Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Design Method: Nyonyawares

Nyonyaware, multi-colored ceramic designs from Jiangxi and Guangdong provices in China, made specifically for the Straits Chinese, which in Melaka, Singapore, and Penang. As these motifs and symbols have their own meanings and significance, they are cleverly featured to signify the special occasions that an item is used for, like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Chinese New Year and funerals.The different nyonyawares have different usage and meaning :

Set 1: Wares for everyday use.
blue and white wares usual worship and during time of mouring. They also used only for special occasions such as funerals.

Set 2: A dinner setting for eight persons
the big bowls in the centre are used for soup dishes.
the small plates are for sauce and appetiser.
the medium size plates for dry cooked food.
the bigger plates are for cooked rice.
the are also individual soup bowls and spoons.
the "peranakan" & "straits-born" are with their figures. There no spoons and forks.

Set 3: Assorted nyonya wares
Colourful ware are use during auspicious occasions. The Ming dynasty period and use for ceremony.Covered pot called "kum-cheng" of extremity in size, generally used for the storing boiled water. The biggest kum-cheng was also used to send "nasi kemuli" (spiced-cooked rice) on the third day of the wedding ceremory to the house of the in laws.

Magpies are a symbol of good fortune, so they are usually featured in items for birthdays and anniversaries. However, magpies in pairs symbolise marital bliss and fidelity. That’s why wedding ware has this symbol.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

User Testing for Redesign website (Papparich)

my website link

Concept & Idea
PappaRich's image is presenting warm & old-looking, especially the indoor with wooden design, old furniture and decoration to attract the costumer. So that, i was using the elements to create my website, wooden background with the old paper. Why to use that old paper? In the past, most of the kopitiam were using the old paper to record down what costumer order, wrinkle and yellowish. Besides, the recognizable identity of PappaRich would be its awning in green. I used this to design the navigation bar, as if you reach their restaurant while surfing its website.

1. Do you find the website user friendly?
- Yes
- No, why? …

2. Can this website identify its own company?
- Yes
- No, because…

3. Can you understand the navigation buttons?
- Can
- Can’t

4. Can you understand what is this website about?
- Yes, please tell me about it…
- No, because…

5. Can you find out more about the restaurant?
- Yes, …
- No, …

6. Can you find the outlet easily?
- Yes
- No,…

7. Do you find the information useful?
- Yes
- No
- Where is it?
- Other :_________________________

8.Will you suggest people to view my site?
- Yes
- No,…

9. Will you visit my site again?
- Yes
- No

1o. Does the website load fast?
- Yes
- No

11. Compared to their current site (here) , which website looks better?
- Mine
- Theirs

12.How would you rate this site? (1- 5)

13.How do you feel about this site?
Comments, question, suggestions : ___________________________________________________

14. Your age, and gender : ___________________


Friday, January 8, 2010

Web Design 2 : Redesign Website

Project Definition
The website I am doing is Malaysian traditional food cafe, PappaRich. The old decoration, traditional Malay, Chinese and Indian foods and dr
inks, these are their identity of the cafe and bring the customers to the past. They serve the cuisines from appetizers to desserts, some are served in original taste, some are made in new way, its not only promoting the traditional food to the new generation and also attracting to the grandparents go to the modern kopitiam and dine there. PappaRich is providing the old and classical environment concept, so that, their website should consistent to their impression.

Current Site’s Analysis Goals
The website is going to provide the specialties, menu, outlets, gallery, events and information about the restaurant, giving a clearly information to the customer.

There are a lot need to be improved in the original site. Bellow are my comments for the site:
1. Logo is huge.
2. Images size are not consistent.
3. Bad arrangement on the content, especially menu page.
4. The navigation bars are not consistent, it isn't catching reader's eyes.
5. Some font are too large, they might confuse the audience.
6. Colors are not interesting, boring.

To increase the hit rate, the site should be redesigned, but maintain PappaRich classical concept.

Client’s Analysis
Background information:
Few years back, if one would really want to enjoy classic kopitiam meals like such, one would have to drive back to the old hometown. PappaRich chain has evolved the way how outlets are operated and how our clients can enjoy such classic timeless menu. PappaRich is seen to be a place for one to catch up with friends while enjoying a cup of delicious and aromatic coffee. Many people in Malaysia these days prefer to visit a PappaRich rather than a café that serves mocha or latte is because kopitiam food and the ambience is very relaxing and it creates a mood where they have a sense of belonging. PappaRich is the authentic Asian way to spend time with friends, and families, while enjoying our timeless classic delicacies.

Business target & Aim:

At PappaRich, customer embody these values. They celebrate these traditional classic values: good food, friendly smiles, authentic dishes and most importantly, the ever popular and affordable Malaysian price. All these qualities are ever present . To make this possible, PappaRich will always be located at frequented public locations such as shopping malls, airport lounges and business centers.PappaRich is a halal eatery. They want to ensure our muslim customers enjoy our food and beverages with a good peace of mind.Allow this new corporate profile to open doors to your adventurous palate, the traditional Malaysian style.

Unique Selling point:
The run-of-the-mill kopitiam simply serve coffee and asian delicacies at affordable prices.
- Focusing their attention on the quality of their foods and drinks.
- Enjoying your orders at Pappa, while spending quality time with friends and families
Having great ambience and realistically decorated surroundings will make customers’ trip to Pappa Kopitiam even more unforgettable.

Short & Long-term Site Goals
Another target customer of the ship restaurant is the tourist, so the site is being a important role to promote the restaurant.

For short-term, PappaRich should let the local know that there are an informative and nice local restaurant site existed, because the original website is not attracting, so that, not many people would like to enter the site for searching food.

For long-term, they should update the latest promotion
as soon as possible, but not to provide outdated information and maintain the old style. Moreover, tourist always get across internet to know more about the specialties of local food, Kopitiam is the 1st choice and providing a varieties of local foods. So, the attractive site are necessary for a tourist-aiming restaurant.

Target Audience
- Office Worker
- Tourist

PappaRich attracts more Officer Worker, aged 25 and above, because they would miss the traditional food, like what they dine at Kopitiam in past, especially the variety type of coffee. Besides, there is a suitable place for them meeting. Tourist is the secondary customer for the restaurant, they would like to try more local foods tha
n others, like spicy cuisine, which is seemed special favorite to them. Moreover, Malaysian foods are varieties, they can taste it more in PappaRich.

Competitor’s Analysis

The primary competitor is Old Town restaurant, which is having the same concept of PappaRich. They serving the traditional foods Malaysian, old looking exterior, and the price is affordable as well. Nevertheless, Old Town was successful in their advertisement and nice website layout design.
The secondary competitor is the normal Chinese restaurant and Mamak. This is because the foods and drinks is cheaper, compare to PappaRich. The difference between them is, there are good and comfortable environment in Papparich.


Gantt Chart
Site Map
Beautiful Commercial Website

Cheese and burger
1. Wooden background and 3D graphic presenting old, warm and realistic mood to the audience.
2. Show all the meal with images on flipping pages , its interesting and delivery a clear message to the readers.

1. Showing the information in 360 degree, this is so attracting us with turning fluently as you mouse over it.
2. Contain interesting interactive design with type message on the "phone".

1. Nice images was filled up on the pages.
2. The buttons mix up with the images, it confuses the audience because its not consistent.

1. They are made of color papers, cool and nice.
2. Contain a lot of flash on the land, interesting but it would confuse some audience.
3. Some massages are not clear.

Competitor's website VS PappaRich

Old town
1. A local traditional coffee, but it was designed in modern and grace mood, bring us to the past.
2. Interesting with all the pop images and flash.

The apartment
1. Beautiful layout design with pink and white, it give us comfortable and relaxing time.
2. Everything are neat and simple, but nice arrangement.

Full house
1. The hand drew graphic and flash are interesting.
2. The arrangement of the information is neat and clear.

Little tree
1. Green and white are good match, creating a warm and fresh mood.
2. Easy layout but delivering a clear message to the audience.

1. The graphic and colors are interesting, they made the website so "delicious".
2. This is simple layout design and creating easy-life mood.

Client Website: PapaRich

1. Logo is huge and pixelated.
2. Images size are not consistent.
3. Bad arrangement on the content, especially menu page.
4. The navigation bars are not consistent, it isn't catching reader's eyes.
5. Some font are too large, they might confuse the audience.
6. Colors are not interesting, boring.

Design Tutorials URLs :

HTML Tutorials URLs :

Monday, October 12, 2009

Weather broadcasting design in flash (Typography)

Tokyo-shower snow

Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to reuse an old pant (Web Design 1 project)

main page.(Introduction of the tutorial)
About pageTutorial page

Gallery page
Comment page

moodboard refinement~

Friday, September 11, 2009

WEB DESIGN 1 (How To......)


Photoshop Tutorial URLs
Artistic portraits
Design a Surreal Ancient Ruin Scenery
Fantastic matte painting
Cross processing photo effect

Tutorial Websites URLs
PS Hero
PSD Learning

How to spend 100rm 2 days i Melaka?
1.Who am i? - Visitor
2.What is it?- Traveling
3.What for?- Spending less and get more in this trip.
4.1st task- preparation
5.2nd task-Start off the journey
6.3rd task- Introduction
7.Outcome- cuisine and travel video
8. Showcase- video and gallery

How to reuse an old pant in other way?
1.Who am i? - Tailor
2.What is it?- Tailoring
3.What for?- Reuse
4.1st task- preparation
5.2nd task-process of making
6.3rd task- beautify
7.Outcome- a functional pant with few pockets which
can classify your stuff.
8. Showcase-gallery

How to do a homemade pizza?
1.Who am i? - culinary artist
2.What is it?- a culinary art-pizza
3.What for?- easy and convenient to make a pizza at home
4.1st task- preparation
5.2nd task-process of making
6.3rd task-baking
7.Outcome- homemade pizza
8. Showcase- gallery

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Design Method Matrix-2

Magical Oxygen-Mineral Water

Charming Spider-Hair Tonic